The latest lockdown requirement for all schools to deliver remote teaching for all but key worker children and vulnerable children means that the quality of our remote delivery is more important than ever.

All schools are in different positions with their remote learning delivery, but we are all in the position where (once we have got past the emergency response to the lockdown announcement), we will be looking critically at what we are doing within our own school contexts.

You may or may not be aware that there is free support available from the Ed Tech Demonstrator network. Your local Ed Tech Demonstrator schools are King Ecgbert School working with Notre Dame High School. Although both are secondary schools, we have useful audit tools that can support both primary and schools identify the areas to focus on that are likely to have the most impact in your particular circumstances. We can provide staff CPD in relation to what the evidence base says about effective remote learning, and we can also share our own experiences and learning from delivering live lessons and supporting students remotely. We also have a bank of how-to videos made by teachers using Office 365 and Microsoft Teams showing how they deliver remote learning that you can use to train your own staff including more sophisticated tools like setting and collecting assignments and providing assessment and feedback online.

To access this support you need to register here and there is an option to request support from ‘King Ecgbert with Notre Dame’ on one of the drop down menus. The online form takes literally 2 minutes to complete.

Funding for Ed Tech Demonstrator support is only available until the end of March.