Notre Dame High School is the Sheffield Associate Research School and is working with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to support schools make evidence-informed decisions about the way in which they implement distance learning. Whilst this is new territory for many they believe it shouldn’t stop each school making rational decisions based on the available evidence of what works.

Notre Dame is developing an online training offer with the EEF for school leadership teams that will consist of:

·       An introduction to the evidence base around distance learning

·       In depth training on particular themes

·       Bespoke support for leadership teams around implementing and evaluating the use of technology solutions to support distance learning.

Although the primary focus will be addressing the challenges posed by the current lockdown, the training will also help schools better prepare themselves for any future disruption, and help schools optimise their use of distance learning (ie homework) for when we return to ‘business as usual.’

John Coats, Director of the Hallam Teaching School Alliance at Notre Dame said "As an Associate Research School Notre Dame works very closely with the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) who are the go-to source of research evidence for schools. The EEF have already moved fast in publishing a review of the existing evidence on distance learning and we are keen to use this to ensure schools put their efforts into approaches that are likely to best support students." He added  "There isn't time to waste on implementing white elephants and we'll use EEF tools to support schools implement rapid change and to review the impact they are having so they know when it's working or when they need to rethink."